We offer a safe space for everyone.

We acknowledge and support people of all genders, sexualities, cultural beliefs, and abilities and understand that carers in Tasmania, whilst sharing the common theme of caring for a family member or friend, are diverse individuals with varying beliefs, experiences, and identities. We value and respect the diversity of carers, their lived and living experiences, and recognise that carers are the experts in their own lives.

Our programs and services are tailored to be personalised, accessible, and inclusive

Equality matters to us.

We affirm:

  • The dignity of LGBTIQ+ people’s sexual orientation, gender identity, relationships and intersex status

  • Our workplace is free from discrimination of anyone in the LGBTIQ+ communities

To achieve this, we provide access and equity through the provision of LGBTIQ+ inclusive policies, programs, and services.

Everyone belongs.

Our workplace culture centres on everyone belonging, and we take pride in embracing and celebrating diversity. We have an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and welcomed.

Our professional behaviour and interactions reflect this culture, as we prioritise enabling individuals to be themselves and affirm their unique identities, rather than attempting to change their beliefs and values.

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