Types of Carers


Caring for an aged family member, friend or neighbour?

It’s a difficult time seeing a friend or family member become more frail with age. With this their dependency on a carer increases too. Did you know Tasmania has the highest median age in the country? This means you’re not alone. If you are currently caring for an aged person, or you’ll be looking to care for someone soon, we have the resources and support to guide you through this time.


Caring for someone with a disability isn’t easy. It takes a lot of mental and physical energy. The severity can range and the needs can be different for each person and situation. This may leave you, a carer, with less time to take into account your own needs. If you’re caring for a family member or friend with a disability, get the best possible advice and support with Care2Serve.


Caring for someone with an ongoing illness can be emotionally demanding. Not knowing what is around the corner is often the most stressful part. It’s important that carers in these circumstances look after themselves, so they can best look after others.


Seeing a loved one, family member or friend struggle with their mental health is difficult. Caring for them can be just as much. The severity can range from mild to severe and can be long lasting. Either way, it’s important you look after your own mental health too. We’re here to support you.


As a young carer you juggle your life and the life of someone living with a disability, illness or is elderly or frail. There are more than 270,000 young carers in Australia caring for a parent, partner, sibling, child or their own, relative or friend. It’s important you find the time to look after yourself and find a balance between caring, studying, working and leave time for your social life.


There’s no shame in asking for help or for a bit of time out from caring. In fact, it’s important you take time to recharge. Respite is taking a break from your caring role for a limited period of time. If it’s help you need during an emergency, or you’d like to reassess your circumstances, respite options are available.


You can help make a difference. As a non-profit community organisation Care2Serve relies on the support of members, volunteers and donors. Getting involved with Care2Serve can help us to support carers across Tasmania.

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