Did you know that one in six Tasmanians is a carer? A carer is someone who gives unpaid support to a family member, friend or neighbour with disability or illness, who is frail aged, or has alcohol or other drug dependence. Their stories can be challenging and heartbreaking but also inspiring and heart-warming. The 1 in 6 podcast series is presented by Care2Serve, part of the Carers Tasmania Group. Care2Serve is the Tasmanian provider of Carer Gateway, an Australian Government program, offering free services and support for family and friend carers. If you care for a family member or friend, Carer Gateway can help. Carer Gateway can support you to navigate the maze of supports, connect with other carers, talk to someone confidentially, get help with your caring role, support with your goals and provide residential or emergency respite. All for free. Call 1800 422 737 (and press 1) or go to – www.carergateway.gov.au

Meet Oli, someone who juggles work, university study and multiple caring roles in their family. They have a busy and interesting life and a positive outlook on the world.

Meet Cameron, a committed carer for his father. In this episode, Cameron details his life growing up and the challenges he faces in the day to day caring for his father.

Meet Luana, a mum and carer for her son, who is the centre of her world. Fun fact, Luana has found time in her very busy life to also be one of the faces of the Care2Serve, Carer Gateway campaign in Tasmania.

Meet Isabella, a teenager with a lot on her plate. In this fascinating episode, we hear how she juggles school and training as an elite athlete all while caring for her mum.

Meet Kay from Glenorchy, a pillar of her local church and carer to her husband Ted. After our host Peter finished off a fine spread of Kay’s homemade sausage rolls and scones, he got chatting to her about her amazing carer journey.

Meet Keelan, a young Tasmanian who plays an important role in his family, caring for his father. In this 1 in 6 Podcast, our host Peter Gee learns that through family tragedy, you can emerge with a positive outlook on life and have a bright future ahead.

Meet Sean from Burnie on Tasmania’s north west coast. In this 1 in 6 episode, host Peter Gee discovers that brotherly love runs deep between Sean and his brother Tim. Sean has been Tim’s full-time carer for much of his life.

This 1 in 6 podcast was a special event streamed live on Facebook to celebrate Carers Week on Tuesday 18th October 2022.

Host Peter Gee speaks with Tasmanian Career’s Week ambassador Jean Kittson, a loved performer of stage and screen, keynote speaker and author of We Need to Talk About Mum and Dad.

We Need To Talk About Mum & Dad is a warm and witty practical guide, a one-stop shop for information on how to support your ageing loved ones: how to protect their health and well-being, keep them safe and secure, and enable them to be self-determining and independent for as long as possible.

Meet Kathryn and Micheal from Smithton in the far northwest of Tasmania. In this 1 in 6 episode, our host Peter Gee uncovers an inspiring story of love and dedication from a couple who have endured many setbacks and challenges in their lives.