Who is a young carer?

A young carer is someone under 25yo who provides unpaid care and support to a family member/s or friend with:

  • disability
  • mental ill health
  • chronic or life-limiting condition
  • alcohol or other drug dependence
  • or who is frail or aged

Applying for the annual $3,768 Young Carer Bursary? Ask us how.

If you need information about the annual $3,768 Young Carer Bursary or need help applying contact us below.

Supports they offer to the person they care for could look like this:

  • Help with household chores (e.g., cleaning and cooking)
  • Helping them get in/out of bed
  • Helping them get bathed and dressed
  • Reminding or taking them to appointments
  • Reading and explaining letters
  • Shopping
  • Paying bills
  • Helping with medication
  • Making sure they are alright
  • Giving emotional support

We can help. All our services are free, inclusive and confidential.

Our friendly team can help you figure out how to manage school, training, education and work while having a caring role. We offer free support such as:

  • Information, advice and recommendations
  • Help at home with cleaning, meal prep
  • Help with tutoring or providing a laptop/tablet to help you study
  • Speak to a professional counsellor. All confidential.
  • Tackle your goals with a carer coach
  • Taking a break from caring
  • Connect with other young carers
  • Attend wellness workshops and events
  • To apply for an annual $3,768 young carer bursary

Interested in getting our young carer brochure?

Download it here or contact us if you’d like one.

Connect with a young carer from the UK

Connect with another young carer in the UK as part of our young carer Pen Pal program.  Just fill in your expression of interest, and we will match you. *The international Pen Pal program is an initiative of Carers WA.

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