How Meditation and Yoga may aid you

How Meditation and Yoga may aid you As carers, the demands of your caring role can often be overwhelming, leaving you physically and emotionally exhausted. Meditation and yoga are two such practices

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Running on empty

Running on empty Are you finding time for yourself hard to come by? Prioritising your wellbeing can often drop off the list when you are always on the go. The caring role

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Loneliness in times of a pandemic

Loneliness in times of a pandemic With restrictions lifted, more and more people are coming out to socialise and meet family and friends. Workplaces and morning transport are buzzing again as many

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Kathryn’s Coaching Story

Caring for a loved one is a hard job with long hours, no pay and often little access to support systems. Supporting someone else’s needs can result in losing sight of your own. Like many

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